Transmutating the elements since 2020 to brew the most mind-blowing experiences, expertly hand crafted from extracts of our own blood, sweat and auras.

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About Wayne


Grand Manipulator of Reality, Wayne Coulthard, has long kindled a love for art of the third dimension, ever since his former life as a Northener of the Isle of Great Britain, his Clan reluctantly released him to the University of Teeside after witnessing first hand his skills in the arcane arts. Delivered from a life of battles and heavy drinking, he applied himself to mastering the secrets of zbrush, 3DS Max and substance designer, testing himself as an apprentice with Dojo Arcade and 3Dprinting company Hobgoblin. He then roamed his field as a freelancer, answering the calls of those in need of his unique skills and now resides in the shining capital city of Wales, Cardiff..